2020 Census Begins Without Citizenship Question

Most Texas households should start receiving their census survey later this week, without the question of citizenship.

Though the courts ruled in their favor, open borders advocates claim many migrants still fear the citizenship question is on the Census. The confusion may be due to Homeland Security's order to provide that data to the Census in an effort to cross-reference information.

“That question is not there. There's not a chilling of response rates or anything like that,” says Ilya Shapiro, director of the Robert A. Levy Center for Constitutional Studies at the Cato Institute. “So I imagine the data will sit there and eventually this is not about how you count people, it's how you add in all this information.”

Shapiro says immigration advocates sued again to block the administration's end-around.

“The courts will determine whether there's even standing to challenge any of this stuff and whether it's properly being used.”

Either way, Shapiro says the citizenship information cannot be used against those who fill out the Census.

“This does not change the way Homeland Security operates. This is not the Census giving information to law enforcement, federal or otherwise, about immigration status,” he says. “This is about information going to the Census so that they can properly account for people in different ways.”

Census officials plan to follow coronavirus guidelines set by health officials to respond and train its workers. The census also can be filled out online.

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