"Window Work" Could be the Way to Go

Business practices are changing - and lots of people like it Window Work is a flexible schedule where you divide your day into chunks of your job duties and your personal time. A recent survey by Robert Half discovered it's not only common in our work-from-home lives, but makes workers feel more trusted and appreciated. Robert Half's Brandi Clark says Window Work seems to be good for the employer as well. "Seventy-three percent report that the arrangement is leading them to greater productivity." Necessity has forced companies to embrace flexible schedules and could get better employee retention out of it.

Clark continues," In contrast to your typical 9 to 5 schedule, Window Work allows you to break up your day into distinct chunks of business and personal time."

Is Working from Home More Expensive?

"This shows we're living in a new world and how employers are understanding the well being of their teams and how important it is to our current time." Clark says according to a Robert Half Study, over 70% of the professionals say they are more productive, feel more appreciated and are happier with their jobs.

We'll see if Window Working is here to stay.

Window Work: time for both business and personal

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