Working from Home - More Expensive?

Working from home has become a necessity for a third of America's workforce. Working from home is popular. 82% of temporary at-home workers say they like it and when they are allowed to go back to the office, they still want to work from home at least 2 days a week. Maybe surprisingly most people working from home are actually spending more money now than they did when they were commuting to the office. Ted Rossman from Credit Cards Dot Com analysed the data from their latest survey of temporary home workers. "These are people who are getting a steady paycheck --- and they're spending it. They are basically spending just like they did before on stuff like take-out food and online shopping."

Rossman says that especially goes for at-home workers from the ages of 45 to 55. "They are spending more than Millennials on groceries and utilities. That could speak to having a fuller house: kids home from college, and others who were living independently being laid off and moving back home."

Work from home - Your boss is watching you!

The leading categories of over spending were utilities and groceries - which makes sense because they are home more and cook more. But costs of transportation and dry cleaning hardly went down at all. Rossman figures this group still had a paycheck and wanted to spend it. More details of the findings are posted below.

Survey results for The Cost of Working at Home

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