Work from Home - Your Boss Will be Watching

To survive during this time of imposed self sequester, American businesses must learn to work remotely. Business Strategist Cheri Perry says this can be hard for you new remote managers. She has some suggestions for you. And use a group ethic.

"You need to be available. Communication is really really important to your staff. Make sure they know you're available." And use a group ethic. "Work on creating a sense of community. We're all wired to work WITH people. Not every single person on your team is created to work alone."

Perry says this is the new normal - so get used to it for now,

"Use video calls to keep your team engaged. It's also a way for you to say 'hay! I see you and I know what you're up to and your level of productivity." And communication is important. "Err on the side of over communication. A lack of clarity in a remote situation is just a recipe for disaster!"

It's a new world and Perry says many of us are learning as we go.

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