Banking Apps have new Hackers

With the increased use of banking apps, it's not surprising that hackers would follow. The FBI says Bank Apps can be hacked. If you use your bank's mobile app --- you may be hit by a hacker and lose all the money in your bank account. Steve Weisman of Scamicide and Bentley University says bank apps are a good target. "The use of banking apps has increased tremendously since the Covid-19 crisis hit --- mostly because it allows great social distancing and app use is so convenient." Weisman says one of the hacking methods is the Banking Trojan. "Banking Trojan is a phony version of your bank's login page. So, when you enter your user name and password, you're usually turning it over to your hacker."

More Online Banking is in the Future

Weisman says to only download your app from your bank's official website and to enable two-factor authentication on your account.

Weisman says the hackers are using different methods to get your banking user name and password and access to your accounts. And he says allowing a 2-factor authentication - - like having a code sent to your phone - in order to gain access to your account is added security.

Hacker stealing your banking user name and password

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