More online banking is the future

Although banks are deemed essential and have been open during the lock downs, branch traffic is down 30% during the pandemic, compared to last year.

John Heasley of the Texas Bankers Association says he expects a shift to more digital banking.

"I think Houston will be going to more online banking; I do think a lot of our community banks that are not in the metropolitan areas will stay more traditional."

But Heasley says it's not necessarily bad news for tellers.

"I think if you are in Houston or Dallas and you do a lot of small business with subcontractors or small retailers and things like that teller interaction will continue to go on in some form or fashion."

Heasley says ATMs aren't going away either. He says there are still parts of Texas with primarily cash economies.

"There'll also be ATM activity in a cash economy that still exists to a great extent in parts of Texas; it'll be both."

Some of the nation's largest banks say they'll close thousands of branches.

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