Texas College Students Studying This Summer

Texas college students are finding fewer jobs and internships this summer. University of Houston Director of Admissions Mardell Maxwell says many are adding hours toward their degrees. "Students are having to make some alternative plans this summer. Progress toward their degree is a really good option." Dr. Maxwell says many students surveyed want to come back to campus in the fall, but others are still afraid for their health safety. "In the coming weeks, we will be announcing our plans for the upcoming fall semester. Our goal is for our students to be on-campus --- but leveraging our online space when necessary."

Students, Parents Rethinking Fall College Plans Amid Uncertain Future

He says after last semester's financial losses, it's good to see so many taking advantage of online classes. "At the University of Houston - our Summer enrollment is up 30%." Dr. Maxwell says they still don't know exactly what will happen in the fall, but their goal is to welcome many students on campus, while being aware of the uneasy safety comfort level of some and being glad for the online option.

Texas College Students are Online This Summer

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