Students, Parents Rethinking Fall College Plans Amid Uncertain Future

Some High School seniors are thinking about skipping college in the fall. They're trying to figure out whether it's worth their time and their money.

Most Texas Colleges and Universities are still trying to figure out whether they will be able to reopen campuses by the fall. Many summer courses will be held online.

The big issue college leaders are considering is whether they will have enough time to prepare for thousands of students to return. Rice University, for example, has canceled all in-person events through July 1st.

However, even if colleges open up, will students want to congregate in crowded spaces and stay in the dorms? Education expert Jean Burk, creator of College Prep Genius, is hesitant.

“A parent would say you know I’m not quite sure I want you to go yet. I just want to make sure there is maybe some sort of vaccine or some kind of precaution, so that we know the kids that you are around, the professors that you are around, aren’t carrying something,” Burk said.

But there may be a silver lining. The cost of college might fall if students don't think online classes is worth the tuition. Some students across the country are already considering skipping the semester.

Rice University, The University of Houston, and the University of Texas (at Austin) tell KTRH they have not said for certain if they will hold college classes on their campuses this fall. They will consider a decision by June or July.

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