Your Boss Could be Spying on You!

Are professionals who were thrust into working from home actually working? Some supervisors are using software that keeps track of their group's activity. HR expert Jill Hickman has strong feelings about that. "The different software programs that detect key strokes and time spent at computers. Ugh! I think that's a lazy way of managing!" It's intrusive, but probably not illegal.

Hickman says managers should measure performance with set-up expectations for the work being done. She says it's also a good way to re-evaluate their team. "If we've got employees who are not doing a good job while working from home --- they probably weren't doing what we thought was going to be a job job while they were in the office!"

Work from Home --- Your Boss will be Watching You!

Hickman predicts businesses will see fewer employees when we go to the "new normal."

HR Expert Jill Hickman says only results really matter. "Managers need to set expectations for what is going to be "measure by results.: It's not about how much time you're spending --- but what are the actual expectation of the performance." It's a professional way to see if first-time at-home workers are slacking off, and which ones have become super productive.

working from home - or slacking from home

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