RV - The Safe Way to Get Away

It would be great to get away - but is it safe? Infectious diseases experts tell us that the airport is one of the easiest places to catch something because so many people from so many countries go through them every hour. And what about your rental car and hotel room? Steve Smith, General Manager at Demontrond RV says when you vacation in an RV you control your living environment

"Normally the spring and summer is good for RV sales anyway - but at the end of April we saw a really big up-tic in online traffic and floor traffic and we started selling!" RV sales are up all over the country right now because people want to control their travel and lodging environments when they vacation. Smith says they had a scare when manufacturers had to lay off their workers earlier this spring. "Factories were closed down. But about about a week ago a lot of the major factories opened up their facilities and now they're making products again."

Joining the RV Bandwagon

Smith says people who had never been in an RV are packing up the family and the bicycles and are heading off to have a great time not worrying at all about social distancing where you can cook all your own food and breeze through the drive-through and never have to use a public toilet!

Photo: Winnebago Industries

RV on vacation

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