Younger Folks Joining RV Bandwagon

Have you ever thought someday you may retire to the life of RV-ing about the country, keeping a map marking all the states you’ve visited?  Why wait?

“Actually 45-years-four-months is the average in the last study I saw,” says Lonestar RV Vice President Scott Byrne, speaking about his typical buyer.

Thanks to low gas prices and cheap available credit, folks have been snapping up RV’s at record-breaking levels, almost half of those people under the age of 45. Airstream’s “Basecamp,” with prices starting around $40,000, is attracting younger demos like flies to a fishing hole.

“A lot of people don’t go over 250 miles from Houston.  There’s so much to see within 250 miles,” Byrne says.  He thanks United, which is suffering from bad PR, and other airlines, who charge exorbitant rates for airfare, for boosting his business. “It’s so expensive to fly a family of four.”

 According to the RV Industry Association, 430,000 motor homes were sold last year, a 15% increase over the year before, with no sign of sales abating. 

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