Trump Campaign Touts Texas Economy

President Donald Trump's 2020 reelection campaign is teaming up with the Texas Republican Party to promote the booming Texas economy ahead of next year's election. This week, the Trump campaign and state GOP held an economic roundtable in Austin as part of the campaign's nationwide "Open for Business" tour. The tour highlights the Trump Administration's economic policies and how they are benefiting individual states.

Texas GOP Chair James Dickey, who hosted the Austin event, says there is plenty to crow about when it comes to our state's economy. Notably, new business has boomed since Trump took office. "We've got the highest rate of black-owned new businesses, Hispanic-owned new businesses, female-owned new businesses...the economy has really taken off for all Texans," says Dickey. "In fact, the number one challenge right now in Texas is that there are more job openings than there are people looking for work."

While talking up the Trump economy, Dickey also warned about Democrat policies and what they would mean for Texas, specifically the so-called Green New Deal. "The Green New Deal would not only mean higher prices for every Texan, but less income, less opportunity and a smaller would be devastating," he tells KTRH. "Those of us who were around in the mid ‘80s remember what a devastating blow it was to Texas's economy when the oil and gas industry last took a massive hit."

The Trump campaign is keeping Texas in its sights heading into next year. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick was recently chosen to head the Trump 2020 Victory Texas team.

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