Texas has non-citizens on voter rolls

The state of Texas says it has found almost 100,000 non-citizens on voter rolls, and thousands of those people have voted.

Texas officials think some 58,000 of those people voted in at least one election. J. Christian Adams with the Public Interest Legal Foundation tells KTRH that this proves the claim by Democrats that no one votes illegally is wrong.

“The left is always going to try to cover up voter fraud because they benefit from it. They are still defending the problem,” Adams explained.

Adams and PILF sued Harris County over a claim that the county was concealing 'non-citizen registrants,' and Adams says the County has yet to hand over the information he wants.

“We are still suing Harris County. The county will not reveal the records that show the extent of the problem in Houston. We are in Federal Court right now,” Adams said, adding that PILF has also found issues in states like Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Michigan, California and Florida.

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