Group targets Harris County over voter registration

The issue of voter fraud is back in the news, and it’s right here at home. Harris County could be facing a lawsuit over a claim they are concealing ‘non-citizen registrants.’

The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) gave notice to the Harris County Tax Assessor Collector they are prepared to take this to court if their request for records isn't met.

“We’ve asked for it. They’ve refused it. Under federal law we have a right to look at the list maintenance records regarding non-citizen registrations,” J. Christian Adams of PILF told KTRH.

Adams also told KTRH the group is simply following up on testimony before the Texas House Elections Committee in 2015 that thousands of non-citizens were discovered in the voter registration system.

“What is being done to deal with the non-citizens on the voter rolls? That is public information. The public has a right to that information. We have asked for it and they have refused it,” Adams explained.

KTRH contacted the Harris County Tax Assessor Collector's office. In an email, a spokesperson told KTRH News they will not comment, and that this is being reviewed by Attorney General Ken Paxton's office.

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