FREEBIES! 21 Eateries To Flash Your "I Voted" Sticker Today

If you vote (or even if you don't) there are a lot of freebies nationwide on Election Day.

Uber and Lyftare working with non-profit and voter groups to give discounted or free rides to the polls. Open up your app for more details. 

If you have Lime bikes or scooters in your area, they are offering a free 30 minutes when you use the code LIME2VOTE18. 

Restaurants aren't supposed to offer free food and drink to encourage you to vote. A lot of places are offering Election Day freebies to everyone. Shake Shack, Potbelly and Jersey Mike's have some sweet promotions going on in the spirit of democracy. 

Have you been to a place that gave you free stuff when you flashed your "I Voted" sticker? 

Wear your "I Voted" sticker to take advantage at the following eateries today!

  1. Pearl Restaurant and Bar: FREE Bar Bites selection if you buy a drink.
  2. Antone's Famous Po' Boys: FREEcookie or brownie at the North Loop and West Loop locations if you wear your sticker.
  3. Sud Italia: FREE glass of wine
  4. Daiqritas Express: Get $1 off a Daiquiri
  5. Karma Kolache: 10% off your purchase
  6. Houston's Watch Co.: Wear the "I Voted" sticker to get half off that first drink
  7. Molina's Cantina: $6 Molina's Margaritas on Election Day at both locations.
  8. Jax Grill: Half off tacos
  9. The Union Kitchen: Complimentary appetizer
  10. The Classic: FREE lunch or dinner (Entrée, appetizer are free. Buy your own alcohol and add the tip)
  11. Feges BBQ: 10 percent off
  12. Goodnight Charlie's: Happy hour pricing
  13. East Hampton Sandwich Co.: FREE whoopie pie
  14. Houston Flying Saucer: Wear the "I Voted" sticker for 10% off your entree, not alcohol though
  15. UB Preserv: $15 gets you a Bavik Pilsner, Wild Turkey shot and boudin Siu Mai
  16. Ooh La La: FREE chocolate chip cookie

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