It’s a Buyer’s Market for New Cars

The holiday shopping season is upon us, but it's also prime car shopping season.  That's because dealers and manufacturers are looking to move the 2018 models out to make room for the 2019s.  And that translates to great deals for buyers. 

While recent months have seen an uptick in used car sales, November and December are prime months for new cars.  "The automakers put on extra incentives this time of year every single year," says KTRH Car Pro Jerry Reynolds.  "Especially the luxury vehicles, and particularly on leasing."

Indeed, the website Real Car Tips says the average rebate on a new vehicle is now about $3,500, and several vehicles are available for lease starting at less than $300 a month with zero down.

So while everyone else is headed to the mall or to Amazon looking for Christmas presents, a savvy car buyer should be heading for the dealer.  "It's a good time (to buy)," says Reynolds.  "All the incentives go up at the end of the year, and everybody's eager to get those models off the lot so they can get on to business."

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