You might be better off buying new as use car sales soar

Reports say used car sales are booming, because new cars are too pricey. But KTRH's Car Pro says it depends on what you're buying.

Car Pro Jerry Reynolds says he's not seeing a huge difference in prices between new and used -- as long as we're talking about cars.

"They're heavily incentivized right now -- and all sedans are -- the prices are actually -- what I'm seeing is -- the prices are very close."

Reynolds says trucks and SUVs are a different story.

"Get your best deal on a brand new car and check that against an auto trader listing for the same car and then just make a good decision."

Reynolds says prices for trucks and SUVs are through the roof.

"Trucks and SUVs -- through the roof. I'm seeing some vehicles that just -- it blows my mind what dealers are paying for 'em and then they're gonna make a profit on top of that."

Trucks and SUVs notwithstanding, Reynolds says you might be better off buying a new car, rather than the same model from two or three years ago.

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