Big Tech Selectively Censoring Content

The ongoing battle between conservatives and major technology and social media companies continues. A new report from the Daily Caller finds that both Google and Amazon still allow access to bomb-making instructions even as they remove gun-related content.  Meanwhile, the recent removal of controversial host and activist Alex Jones from several major social media platforms raised questions about similar content from left-wing personalities and groups, including Antifa and Black Lives Matter, that was not taken down.

Conservative activist Pamela Geller, president of American Freedom Defense Initiative, knows about this battle firsthand.  She tells KTRH both Facebook and Twitter have suppressed and restricted her content, including the practice of shadow banning--restricting one's content from being visible to other users. "Social media organs are run by uniformly left-wing corporate managers, and they are imposing a fascist (system)---and I don't say that with hyperbole, it is fascism," says Geller.  "It's not just the suppression of speech, but it's the suppression of thinking, of freedom of ideas, freedom of conscience."

Geller, who has sued Facebook over suppression of conservative speech, says for these platforms to arbitrarily remove content from certain people and groups is un-American.  "It is just absurd, it's like banning books," she says.  "We don't do that.  The Nazis did that, the fascists did that."

Companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google have continued to deny any political bias in their content decisions, claiming they only restrict content deemed illegal or dangerous.  Illegal is one thing, but "dangerous" is another subjective term that doesn't appear to be applied equally and consistently.

For her part, Geller doesn't want to see any content removed.  She views social media forums like the old town square, where the free flow of ideas should be welcome.  "I know my ideas will win in the war of ideas," says Geller.  "But what they seek to do is not even allow us to have the debate, not even allow our ideas any air, no platform whatsoever."

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