Young Conservatives Rising Up

It seems that the current generation of young people is dominated by liberal snowflakes, but there is a quieter, less visible movement afoot among the nation's youth.  Young conservatives are making their presence known and their voices heard in increasing numbers, with two huge events taking place in Washington D.C. in the past week, each drawing hundreds of high school and college-age conservatives.  More than 800 students from 40 states attended last week's Turning Point USA High School Summit.  And this week, thousands more young people are descending on the nation's capital for the Young America's Foundation National Conservative Student Conference.

Last week's Turning Point USA event included speeches by U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, plus a dinner with Donald Trump Jr.   This week's Young America's event includes appearances by Ben Shapiro and South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, among others.  Young America's Foundation spokesman Spencer Brown says these young conservatives have issues on their minds.  "Whether that be free speech or free market economics, it definitely seems like they are ready to make their voices heard, and they are definitely growing into their own," he tells KTRH.

Back here in Texas, there is a similar movement underway.  "The Left, as much as they like to have marches and rallies where they scream and yell, while they're doing that we're busy out there pushing legislators to actually act on items that are important to young people," says Chris Carmona with Texas Young Republicans.  "A lot of fiscal issues and socioeconomic issues that are being put forth, those are items that are going to bring people to the table and get them excited about voting."

Ultimately, Carmona believes the young conservative movement is about turning activism into tangible results.  "We can scream and march all we want, but if we're not showing up to vote and we're not holding our legislators accountable, then everything we care for just goes by the wayside," he says.

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