Did Obama create an ‘Army of Snowflakes?’

While President Donald Trump focuses on jobs and other things that would ‘Make America Great Again,’ it seems that the man who came before him, focused on something different; creating an ‘Army of Snowflakes.’

Melissa Mackenzie at the American Spectator says it was a calculated effort on the part of the Obama Administration, which sent letters to college campuses threatening legal action and loss of federal funding for things like diversity training.

“Sent a lot of money to college campuses to create this army, and create a conversation that we never really had to have before,” Mackenzie explained.

And what is the result of this? Mackenzie says it's an army of snowflakes that speaks up every time they get offended.

“You’ve got thousands of you’ve people that have been indoctrinated this way that are now out in the world,” Mackenzie stated.

An example of that is the young woman that confronted Press Secretary Sean Spice at a Washington Apple Store this past weekend.

“You know you work for a fascist. How do you feel about that? How do you feel about destroying our country,” the woman asked Spicer in a confrontation she decided to broadcast live on social media.

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