New Facebook Feature Gets Personal

Facebook is getting a little too nosey for some people. As part of its recently added "Did You Know" feature which asks users to complete statements about themselves, some were asked to complete the statement "I usually sleep with..." That prompted some controversy, as many people wanted to know exactly what the question was getting at. Some users called it "creepy," while others went ahead and answered with humorous responses. Facebook has since removed that question.

John Verdi, Vice President at the Future of Privacy Forum, believes this was a miscalculation on Facebook's part. "From what I understand, the intent of the question is for users to post something like I sleep with my teddy bear or I sleep with my favorite pillow," he tells KTRH. "Some users have either misconstrued the question or have taken some liberties to respond in some ways that are not necessarily safe for work."

This is the second time in recent months that Facebook has faced questions about inappropriate requests of users. Last fall, the company launched a new initiative to combat revenge pornography on Facebook by asking users to send in nude photos. Meanwhile, consumers are questioning the privacy of some newer smartphones.

All of it is a reminder to be careful with your images and info, especially on social media. "Folks ought to be cautious about what they share, and...whether it be friends or co-workers or the public in general...who they share with," says Verdi. "The important thing (on Facebook) is to be aware of your privacy settings, and to make sure that you know who you're sharing with and why."

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