New smartphone cameras invasion of privacy

A new generation of smartphone cameras can get images and see through fog, seeing behind walls, and even imaging deep inside the human body and brain.

Cybersecurity lawyer Shawn Tuma said for decades, people have wanted X-ray glasses to see through clothing and walls. Now that this is a reality, there's no way of knowing when a person has one of these cameras.

“This may very well be an area that’s going to require government regulation. But, I don’t know any other way of protecting ourselves from this kind of technology,” said Tuma.

He said although the cameras are made for a good purpose, just like everything in technology it can be used for bad and this is every perverts dream come true.

“It’s just shocking to think that I could be in my hotel room and someone could have a camera that’s capable of seeing through my hotel room walls,” said Tuma.

He said this breakthrough will create new industries in the future: like clothing lines to protect the body from these cameras, or materials for walls to protect your privacy.

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