Trump Returns to NRA Annual Meetings

One of the biggest pro-Second Amendment events in the country is back this weekend, as the National Rifle Association (NRA) holds its annual meetings in Atlanta.  The 146th annual event, which Houston hosted four years ago, is expected to attract some 80,000 attendees, over 800 exhibitors and a lineup of big-name speakers and performers.  President Donald Trump will address the gathering for the second straight year, after doing so at last year's event as a candidate.  Other speakers this weekend will include Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, U.S. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, and a special concert from country legend and "lifelong NRA member" Hank Williams Jr.

The mood surrounding this year's gathering is much different with a pro-Second Amendment president in office.  "We're really taking a look at what a great president he's been so far for gun owners," says Amy Hunter, NRA spokeswoman.  "(President Trump) has kept all of the promises he ran on, and we've just been highlighting a lot of what good he's done for the Second Amendment and for individual freedom since he's taken office."

That's not to say the NRA doesn't still have important items on its to-do list. Hunter says a big item on the legislative agenda right now is concealed carry reciprocity.  "That means if you have legal concealed carry in your home state, then you would be able to carry in a neighbor state," she tells KTRH. 

Another priority for the NRA is limiting restrictions on so-called gun silencers.  "Suppressors for firearms," says Hunter.  "This is a really important issue for hunters, competitive shooters, and target shooters who really do over the years suffer hearing damage."

The NRA annual meetings run through Sunday.

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