HOUSTON: Criminal Complaint Filed Against Mayor Sly Turner

The most corrupt mayor in America has recently been audited by the Governor and investigated by the chair of the Ethics, Elections & Council Governance Committee but now he's got another problem on his hand.

Trey Serna reports:

More trouble continues to brew for Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner. A formal criminal complaint has been filed with the Harris County District Attorney's Office, accusing Turner of hiding his phone records. This all stems from the highly-paid intern with the Houston Airport System that recently came to light.
The latest complaint comes from Dolcefino Consulting, and it's accusing Turner of hiding his phone records. As you may recall, it was recently brought to light that Turner had an intern named Marvin Agumagu. He reportedly worked for the Houston Airport System and made $95,000 per year. Turner initially denied knowing the intern, but later acknowledged their connection.
This latest complaint is more than 300 pages long, but here are the main points.
It claims Turner is withholding his phone records, which should be made public, according to the Public Information Act. Cell phone records obtained by the law firm last year show a late night text message between Turner and the intern. The complaint goes on to say that they have evidence showing the records were improperly redacted.
It also claims Turner frequently uses his personal cell to conduct city business, and that he rarely uses his city cell phone. It's important to note that Texas law makes any government-related phone calls, even ones made on personal devices, subject to public information.

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