Oscars 2019: Rich People With Armed Guards Lecturing You On Socialism

It happened again. The Oscars award show producers, presenters and winners decided to get really political last night. They just couldn't resist. They have to lecture you for not being as woke as them.

Over the past two to three years we've scene a trend in Hollywood: as they've become more and more furious about the rise of Trump's popularity leading into his eventual Presidency, they've used their award shows to shame those of us who live in the fly-over states for not voting correctly. 

Not surprisingly, the ratings for these pat-yourselves-on-the-back galas have been exactly what you'd expect: lower and lower after every broadcast.  It would seem average folks like us just aren't interested in watching wealthy people who live in gated communities protected by armed guards look down their nose at us while they tell us border walls and firearms are immoral.   Can anyone just walk into the Oscars ceremony or are there some type of physical barriers or guards preventing that? No, they can't, and that's why it's obvious that Hollywood's objection to your average American's call for border security is just a little bit disingenuous.

Even still, after the debacle with Kevin Hart being fired as the Oscar's host over decade old tweets that contained gay-jokes, the Oscars producers must have decided they needed to overcompensate by pandering to the woke crowd. Yes, this year's Oscars were all about far-left political rhetoric spewed from the mouths of millionaires who fly in private jets to their climate change summits.

Menstruation equality, open-borders, white privilege and the Left's love affair with Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg were just some of the fun topics Hollywood force fed their viewers during the Academy Awards this year.

From Spike Lee to Tina Fey, there was no shortage of libtarded nonsense at this year's Oscars. And, not surprisingly, the early reports indicate the ratings were lower than ever.

In case you're curious what Democrat party talking points were spoon fed to the audience, here's some clips. Enjoy?

Photo of Hollywood's hypocrisy provided by Getty Images

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