They’ve captured our hearts and even our hopes. Those Houston Astros!

Yes, we hope they win the World Series as the home team, but there’s so much more at play here. The patch on the team jerseys says Houston Strong and that’s what carries our hopes that we will not only rebound from the despair of Harvey but actually be stronger because of it. The Astros, every game, are wearing the hearts and spirit of Houston. But, there’s even more….

As the level of competition and the highs and lows of the games have been cathartic, for watchers it’s now proving to be fun. The Astros are playing for the win at the top of the world, yes, but do you see their joy at just playing. I’ve learned in this to have joy in the watching. Maybe in the long run it really is not whether you win or lose….but just that you play the game.

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