It's nothing new....newspeak. For decades, journalists in both print and broadcast have followed style books of major, and once venerated, news sources like the New York Times or the Associated Press.

For instance, one style book said don't refer to the President just by his last name, always use the title President or Mr. Clinton...easy to follow that as a matter of respect for the office. But overtime, that style has turned political….undocumented worker as opposed to criminal alien for instance. 

It's AP style that's bringing us some new newspeak, soon to be popping from the mouths of young journalists and their left-leaning mentors in newsrooms across America. I say left-leaning because AP now dictates that words like "terrorist", "refugee", "migrant" and "pro-life" will be censored from the speech of those supposedly telling you the news…from a standpoint of ideology ….not reality.  Sad.

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