I’ve been thinking a lot lately about pendulum swings, ebbs and flows, ups and downs, waxes and wanes…..we use  a lot of those expressions in following  politics these days, as well as, sports teams, stock markets, lunar calendars, and of course the weather.

Of course the weather, because it is on an ebb and flow, in both the near term and the long term.  I won’t get into the debate over the coming ice age (remember that prediction back in the 70”s?)  that became global warming, that now is called climate change.  Instead, let’s talk about Spring…right now.

The government scientists tell us Spring is going to be warmer than normal in Texas. Duh….because we’re already “het up” from the warm winter, and that phenomenon “la nina”.   Makes you wonder what summer will bring…

The scientists say Texas hot….until el nino forms…and that means a colder winter next year.  How the pendulum does swing.

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