Trump Administration Announces New Sanctions Against Iran

White House Press Briefing With Secretaries Pompeo And Mnuchin

White House Press Briefing With Secretaries Pompeo And Mnuchin

The Trump administration announced a new round of economic sanctions against Iran in response to a missile attack that targeted U.S. troops stationed in Iraq. The sanctions hit individuals involved in Iran's construction, manufacturing, textile, and mining industries. The U.S. also placed sanctions on eight high-ranking Iranian officials who were involved in the missile attack and other "destabilizing activities."

"As long as Iran's outlaw ways continue, we will continue to impose sanctions," Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the latest sanctions "will cut off billions of dollars of support to the Iranian regime."

"The president has been very clear: We will continue to apply economic sanctions until Iran stops terrorist activities and commits to never having nuclear weapons," Mnuchin said.

Tensions between the U.S. and Iran have been heating up over the past few weeks. In December, the U.S. launched a series of airstrikes targeting an Iranian-backed militia operating in Iraq. U.S. officials said those airstrikes, which killed 25 people, were in response to an attack that left an American contractor dead. 

After the attacks, a group of protesters stormed the U.S. Embassy compound in Iraq. In response to the Embassy attack, President Trump ordered a drone strike which took out Iranian General Qasem Soleimani near the Baghdad Airport.

Iran responded to the January 3 attack that killed Soleimani by firing over a dozen missiles at U.S. forces stationed in Iraq. The damage was minimal, and there no reports of American or Iraqi deaths.

Following the missile strike, President Trump addressed the nation and said he hoped to work with Iranian leaders to avoid further military action.

"Finally, to the people and leaders of Iran, we want you to have a future and a great future, one that you deserve," Trump said. "One of prosperity at home and harmony with the nations of the world."

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