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NY Restaurant Owner Blasts Pro-Mask Dem Sen For Ignoring Mask Mandate

Remember, all the lockdowns and mandates are for the common folk.

The ruling class imposes the edicts and mandates but it doesn’t apply to them. 

Over the last two years we’ve seen countless Democrats from coast-to-coast who pushed for lockdowns and mandates getting caught breaking their own rules. 

Pelosi, the Commandante, Gov. Newsom, the Mayor of Austin, Governor of Illinois, the DC mayor, AOC, the list goes on & on. 

Now a restaurant in upstate New York is blasting Sen. Gillibrand for being “hypocritical” by pushing for mask mandates while ignoring it when showing up at the restaurant. Innovo Kitchen in Latham, N.Y., posted video showing the Democrat Senator strolling into the eatery without a face covering despite a New York state order which she supports.  

John LaPosta, owner of the Innovo Kitchen, told the New York Post that Gillibrand blew past a sign saying “masks required to enter” so quickly that his staff didn’t even have time to ask her to put one on. 

LaPosta wrote on Instagram, “the problem with NY politics in a nut shell. The masks are a mandate from the Governor. As good citizens, agree or not, we must follow our leaders. Her guest is graciously wearing one. I guess Senator Gillibrand thinks that the Governor is wrong or she is special and above the rules.” 

He adds “Gillibrand is part of the system that put the mask mandate in place. She thinks she’s above the law. It’s hypocritical to me. The arrogance is just breathtaking. Our politicians should be with us, not against us.” 

Gillibrand put out a statement saying “I will do better going forward”.

Do better by working to end the policy forcing people to don these silly diapers on their face.

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