Which Harris County Judges Are Repeatedly Freeing Violent Offenders

More excellent work by FOX 26’s Randy Wallace and his “Breaking Bond” segments.

He reports:

“Even though there’s no court order mandating it newly elected criminal district court judges took it upon themselves to grant bond to almost all defendants appearing before them no matter how long their criminal histories. 
"We’ve seen defendants on 5 7 8 10 12 14 bonds that you ever saw ever," Kahan said. The 138 victims of felony bond reform are just the ones we are aware of. "Keep in mind you’ve got hundreds of murders that haven’t been solved," Kahan pointed out. "So we know this is kind of a law ball number."… 
The district court judge with the most defendants he freed on bond who later picked up a murder charge is 182nd Judge Danny Lacayo with 10…
Second place is a tie. 262nd Judge Lori Chambers Gray and 230th Judge Chris Morton both have 9 defendants they repeatedly freed on bond who are now accused of murder…
Coming in third 180th Judge Desean Jones.
He repeatedly freed 8 defendants now accused of murder."

The Houston Police Officers' Union demands that Judge Greg Glass resign for allowing Deon Ledet free on bond despite being a habitual offender.

Ledet had seven prior felony convictions.

HPOU President Doug Griffith tells KPRC-TV that Glass “...needs to have the integrity to step down. Until he decides to step up and explain himself, we will continue to come after him. I will actively search for people who will run against him.”

Crime Stoppers Andy Kahan:

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