The 7' 4" 14-Year-Old Chinese Girl Towering Over Everyone On The Hardwood

Zhang Ziyu is a 14-year-old girl from China who has gone viral after video of her playing was posted to the Chinese social media site.

She is reportedly 7’ 4.9” to be exact.

Sports Illustrated reports:

“even when the defenders stretch their arms as high as they can go, they barely reach Zhang’s chin and she’s able to get shots off with ease. You have to give Zhang’s opponents credit, though. They’re completely outmatched but they try their damnedest to stop her. The girl taking the jump ball at the beginning of the video is especially admirable. She jumps as high as she can and Zhang just calmly tips the ball to a teammate.
Zhang has always towered over her peers. She was 5' 3" in first grade and 6' 10" in sixth grade, according to the Times. She’s already taller than both of her parents. Her unnamed father is a 7-foot former pro basketball player and her mother, Yu Ying, is a 6' 6" former Chinese national team player.”

She's just under 2-inches shorter than Yao at 14 years-old.

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