Group Of Liberals Arrested At Ted Cruz's Houston Home For Trespassing

The reason why these unhinged far-left kooks showed up at Cruz’s home was to intimidate and harass not only the senator but his family including his young daughters.

They want to terrorize those girls because their father is “evil”.

Some eight people were arrested outside the home of Cruz today.

ABC-13 reports:

"The demonstration was led by a group with the Sunrise Movement, an organization that advocates for political action on climate change. Dozens of demonstrators rallied around Cruz's front yard after what was described as a 400-mile march.
Assistant Chief Ben Tien with the Houston Police Department said there were between 60 to 70 members who participated…
He said, "unfortunately, there was a small group who were actually trespassing private property."

Of course, what's the point of getting arrested if you can't raise money off of it. So these grifters are now trying to raise money through GoFundMe.

This is what the unhinged group posted to their social media:

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