Minn Officials Still Unable To Clear The "George Floyd Autonomous Zone"

At the “George Floyd Autonomous Zone” also known as “George Floyd Square” there’s been ongoing violence and murders. It’s anarchy as residents say the cops have stayed away.

Finally, city officials decided that it’s time for the zone to reopen to traffic. So twice over the last week they’ve tried to clear it to be met with resistance from activists who set up barriers and left debris.

One man who lives right across the “autonomous zone” has had enough.

Larry Cregg tells Fox 9 in Minneapolis that it’s now time to clear the area because it's turned into

“…nothing more than a safe haven for would-be looters and drug dealers and gangs…it’s just like Vietnam, it’s just like Beirut, Lebanon - every day, every day, every day. I would definitely be happy if they can get it open…
I hear gunshots every night… pow pow pow, shot him three times and drove off. You can walk down the street and buy any amount of drugs you want. They’ll just walk right up to you, ‘hey you want some drugs, you got the money?’"

Cregg says he witnessed murder from his front doorstep and that police won’t respond to the area because of the danger, “he lay right there on the pavement, for about an hour and a half. They called the ambulance 90 times, they had to scoop them up take them to the van and take him to the hospital… he died later."

Mayor Jacob Frey is terrified of BLM activist so ultimately he won’t do anything to clear the area, leaving residents in the area to fend for themselves.

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