Man Arrested For Vicious “Caught On Video” Attack On Asian Woman In NYC

Thirty-eight-year-old Brandon Elliot was taken into custody Tuesday night for the brutal ‘caught on video’ attack on an Asian woman that made national headlines.

Elliott is currently free on parole after serving 17-years in state prison for stabbing to death HIS OWN MOTHER.

Investigators say Elliot is the man seen punching and kicking the victim in a video that has sparked national outrage.

Video shows the victim being knocked to the ground and kicked as Elliot reportedly made anti-Asian statements toward her. He then repeatedly struck her while she was on the ground, saying "(Expletive) you. You don't belong here."

NYPD says a security guard who was captured on video during the attack could be seeing closing the door, ultimate failing to render aid.

That security guard has reportedly been suspended pending further investigation. One man who witnessed the attack from across the street, tried to chase down the suspect & confront him, but a knife was pulled on him.

Elliot was identified after multiple Crimestoppers tips directed po-po to a hotel serving as a homeless shelter. He is charged with assault and attempted assault as a hate crime and will be arraigned later today.