Trump Aide Jason Miller Talks With The Czar About 2024 Plans & Other Topics

From Mar-A-Lago, Trump Aide Jason Miller called into the show to discuss a range of topics.

On the reports that Trump will launch his own social media platform, Miller says:

“He’s been approached by a number of companies...he is going to be launching his own platform.We’re probably two or three months away.”

On endorsements, Miller says:

“ far we’ve heard from over 20 US Senators, over 50 members of congress...this is the hottest place in politics.Everyone wants to come in and get President Trump endorsement”.

On Trump’s regrets, Millers says there’s two nominating Brett Kavanaugh and:

“the administration could have done a better job with PR in promoting the early successes for operation Warp Speed as well as the administration’s efforts to battle COVID.”

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