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DC Dem Mayor Refuses To Follow Her Own Quarantine Order

Rules for thee, but not for me.

Over the weekend, DC’s Democrat Mayor Muriel Bowser traveled to Delaware for Biden’s victory party.

A photo posted to her Facebook page shows Mayor Bowser posing with Biden staffers in Delaware. 

Under her own order, Delaware is on the District’s list of “High Risk” states, which requires those traveling from that state to quarantine for 14-days.

However, Bowser says she and staffers will not quarantine because she says attending the party was “essential” work.

Fox 5 reports:

“The Mayor’s office tells FOX 5 the trip is considered “essential travel” because the Mayor met with members of the Biden-Harris campaign in her “official capacity” as D.C.’s Mayor while there. 
We’re told it’s considered a government-to-government action...
At the Monday news conference, the Mayor urged people to follow D.C. new coronavirus travel advisory that went into effect on Monday. The mayor wants those traveling to the District from outside of the DMV to test two days before their travel. She also wants visitors to test again if they’re staying more than three days.”

So her travel was in an “official capacity”, sounds like taxpayers paid for her trip.

She actually has the stones to tells everyone else they must follow her orders which apparently doesn’t apply to her.

As the czar said on the show today, “give government the power to determine whether or not you are essential. And you have given government the power to destroy you.”

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