BLM/Anitfa Goon Tries Shooting Jeep, Misses & Hits Two Fellow Comrades

First Austin, now another BLM/Antifa goon tries to act tough with a gun. Remember, the media tells us these are “mostly peaceful protests”.

On Saturday, BLM/Antifa thugs blocked the I-225 freeway in Aurora, Colorado.

A man says he got scared when the BLM/Antifa thugs surrounded his Jeep on I-224 and began yelling and striking his vehicle.He told officers that a white pickup truck struck the front of his vehicle and that he decided to drive toward the group in order to get away from the danger.

As he drove, one of the , BLM/Antifa thugs opened fire on the jeep but missed and ended up hitting two fellow comrades that were blocking the freeway.

9News Colorado reports:

Samuel Young, 23, was arrested Monday night on four counts of attempted homicide and two counts of assault, APD said...
According to the affidavit, Young began firing at a Jeep that drove through the crowd of protesters at around 7 p.m. as they gathered on northbound I-225. 
Two people were struck by gunfire, APD said: One man was shot in the leg and was taken to the hospital, and another was grazed on the head. That man also went to the hospital. There have been no reports of anyone being injured by the Jeep, police said. 
The Jeep continued on I-225, police said, eventually exiting at East 6th Avenue. The driver of the jeep pulled over at East 6th Avenue and Billings Street, where he found officers who were investigating an unrelated crash. Police said the driver was positively identified and questioned, and that the Jeep was impounded for "evidentiary purposes."
During preliminary interviews with the driver, police said he told officers that while he was on I-225, protesters surrounded his Jeep and were yelling and striking his vehicle. He also told officers that a white pickup truck struck the front of his vehicle and that the reason he drove toward the protesters is that he was scared and trying to get away. 

Aurora's Deputy Chief Harry Glidden said about Young opening fire “it was the most reckless thing I have seen in a long time.”

Andy Ngo has more about Samuel Young.