Man Beaten By Group Outside Convenience Store In Klein

Tough to watch as four guys walk up to a man as he’s leaving a convenience store in the Klein area and attack him.

KPRC-TV spoke to the victim identified as “Mason”, he says it happened on Sunday evening when he was in the store about to pay for his items when the group walked up to the counter and tried to cut in line.

He says he told them "there's a line for a reason."

The surveillance footage then shows the group waiting outside for Mason and then confronting him as he appears.

First, he’s sucker-punched by one of the guys off on the side. Then several of the others start punching him as well. When he falls to the ground, they continue punching him and then they starting kicking and stomping him.

As he’s lying on the ground dazed, Mason says a fifth man “comes up to me, kicks me in the face, and screams, “Black Lives Matter, b****!”

He suffered a swollen lip, bruising and a cut near his eye.

Police are now looking for the men involved in the attack.

Don't understand why KHOU-TV is blurring out the faces of the attacker in the video below and during their newscasts.