Seattle Antifa Has Taken Over a Portion of the City & Plans to Take More

Seattle Police have surrendered the East Precinct to Antifa. The area, known as "CHAZ" (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone), is now fully occupied by anarchists & they plan on taking more.

The anti-border Leftists who control the six block area are establishing borders & protecting themselves with armed guards.

Ari Hoffman says:

Regarding the autonomous zone established by the Antifa-led mob, the source—whose anonymity we are protecting—says, "They bar media from entering and screen people coming in. They are walking around fully armed. Talking about making their own currency and making their own flag. SPD is talking about abandoning the west precinct now.
"West precinct has the 911 call centre. This is just like the Occupy movement. Soon we will have feces and drugs everywhere and people getting assaulted and raped in the encampments.
"They've been relocating everything quietly while the focus has been elsewhere. They know that it's only a matter of time before these fools have to direct their issues back on the police. Since yesterday, I haven't seen a single police office or vehicle downtown. Even when they took over city hall, there were no signs of PD at headquarters across the street."
The main concern according to the source is that the SPD West Precinct also houses the city’s 911 call centre. There have been reports of sensitive material and equipment being moved out of the West Precinct. Walk-in lobbies of all precincts are shut down as local officials appear to be conceding handing over more of the city as well as police precincts to Antifa.
Police officers were stationed outside of the West Precinct on Wednesday, and two of them provided comment toThe Post Millennialunder the agreement that we conceal their identities.
"Antifa are extorting money and businesses in the Capital Hill Zone for protection money," said one of the officers who was previously stationed at the East Precinct.
"Those running this Capital Hill Zone are employing stop and frisk to anyone who walks through, and shaking down businesses for $500 for protection," added another officer.

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