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Watch: Wisconsin Cops Threaten Mom For Letting Daughter Play With Neighbor

COVID-19 wasn’t the only thing that has been brought over from China, certainly appears that country’s police state tactics came along with the virus and many Americans have willingly accepted it.

A now viral video shows officers with the Calumet County Sheriff’s Department in Wisconsin hassling and threatening a mother for allowing her daughter to play at a neighbor’s house.

In the video the male officers tells the mother “do you know we’re under a stay-at-home order right now?I don’t need to explain that to you? Because I can if you need me to...Your daughter is going to play at other people’s home and you’re allowing it to happen… stop having your kid go by other people’s home.”

The female officer then asks for the mother’s name, she refuses saying “I would like to see the law that requires you to give that information...I haven’t done anything wrong.” The female officer then tries to pull a power play by saying they are “documenting” that she’s being “uncooperative”.

Why should she be cooperative when the police are harassing her for this.

The Calumet Count Sheriff’s Office went into damage control mode after the video went viral:

During the first two contacts, this female called our department (twice on the same day, within hours of each other) asking us to help find her runaway son. Both times, deputies found the son at the neighbor’s mobile home and sent him home. The third contact involved this female being stopped for speeding. The fourth time, a deputy was at the same neighbor’s mobile home again looking for a different runaway. The female’s young daughter was there and she was sent home.
Lastly, there was a recent disturbance at the neighbor’s mobile home and again the deputy found the female’s young daughter there and sent her home. This prompted the woman to come back and interfere while the deputy was trying to calm the disturbance at the neighbor’s mobile home. After calming the disturbance, the deputies then made contact with the female where she continued to argue with the deputies about sending her daughter home.
In summary, the same neighboring mobile home that this female wanted us to retrieve her son from on two separate occasions was the same mobile home she was allowing her daughter to be at.
Our deputies wear many “hats” on a daily basis, such as being an investigator, enforcer, peace maker, counselor, and even parent, to name a few. Our deputies have a tough job and sometimes they have to wear many “hats” during the same call. The above is just one example.
Most people are adhering to the Safer at Home order, and we have received very few complaints from the public. Our deputies are out there to help educate, not arrest, law abiding citizens.

This doesn’t help their case one bit. It’s none of the police or state's damn business if a mother allows her child to play at a neighbors home.

Kurt Schlichter nail it.

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