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Two 10-Year-Old Boys Arrested & Charged For Playing With Toy Guns Outside

An outrageous and infuriating story out of Colorado after two boys playing with their toy guns outside are arrested, cuffed and charged with a felony.

Seriously, this freak out over guns has people losing all common sense.

FOX21 in Colorado Spring exposes this ridiculous story.

Ten-year-old Gavin Carpenter was playing outside with a friend with their toy guns.Gavin says they pretended to shoot at about 5 to 10 cars until one man stopped and called police.

FOX21 reports:

“...El Paso County Sheriff’s deputies arrived and arrested both Gavin and his friend. He was handcuffed and taken to the Colorado Springs Police Department for mugshots and fingerprinting.
“I told them I had no intention to have scared them or have any threat to their life,” Gavin said.
Gavin’s parents, Chris and Stephanie, followed the cars to the police station. They said that night Gavin wasn’t released until 10:30 p.m.
They immediately hired an attorney to help get the charge expunged from Gavin’s record. They were set a court date, and when they arrived, they were taken to a separate room instead of seeing a judge...
The diversion program required Gavin to do community service, submit an essay, and other tasks before the expunge could happen. After 216 days of fighting it, the felony was finally expunged."

Gavin’s dad says the episode was traumatic for him and now he’s trying to get over his fears of law enforcement.He says they are “trying to establish now for the boys a few events to help build trust in law enforcement because it was shattered. We want them to not be scared and show that law enforcement is their friends, and they need to show them the proper respect.”

The Sheriff’s office tells FOX21 If anyone is dissatisfied with the actions of any employee of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, they have administrative avenues available to them. We encourage citizens to take advantage of those avenues.

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