The Left's Push To Restrict Dollars Stores Comes To Texas

Fort Worth becomes the latest city to pass new ordnance to restrict “dollar store” because they don’t offer health food.

The new regulation requires that the stores be at least two miles from an existing “dollar store” and must offer fresh fruits, vegetables, and dairy products in at least 10 percent floor area of the store. 

Mesquite, a suburb east of Dallas, also passed a similar regulation of these stores in 2018. Tulsa, Oklahoma and Birmingham, Alabama have also passed similar ordinances. 

Liberals claim that “dollar stores” are crowding out full-service grocery stores and have “exacerbated the problem of food deserts and further eroded the economic prospects of vulnerable communities.” 

The Texans reports Fort Worth Councilwoman Kelly Allen Gray celebrated the city’s new ordnance saying “we know there are at least 100 of these type of stores beginning at I-35 east over to the Arlington city limit. With their being located on almost every corner, along with payday lenders, it makes them appear to be predators in our community.” 

Councilwoman Gyna Bivens ridiculously claims that the ordinance will help make healthier communities. Councilman Brian Byrd was the only council member to vote against the ordinance. He says “it seems we are getting awfully granular on telling people what they can and can not do with their private property.” 

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