Dan Crenshaw Hammers Dems Over Iran For Pushing "False Implications"

Speakin on the House floor yesterday, Rep. Dan Crenshaw offered his alternative to the Democrats' war powers resolution. Crenshaw's H. Res 783 commends the military and intelligence community who carried out the mission that killed Iranian terrrorist Qassem Soleimani.

Crenshaw said:

"We must make clear that the U.S. will not be attacked indefinitely, that we will respond, and that response will make you regret ever having hit us in the first place. The long history of General Soleimani’s actions against the United States, throughout the region, and the killing and maiming of thousands of America’s sons and daughters, and indications of his future actions, make this point even stronger. And as to the intelligence – our CIA, Director of National Intelligence, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff have repeatedly told us that this intelligence was some of the best they have ever seen and removed all doubt that Soleimani was planning large-scale imminent attacks.
“These questions have been answered over and over and over. And yet my colleagues pretend not to hear those answers. After all, the mere thought of agreeing with and supporting our president is repugnant to them, even when it is the right thing to do. So instead of applauding these actions that restored American deterrence, delivered justice to hundreds of dead American soldiers and their families, and severely weakened the terrorist organization IRGC-Quds force, my colleagues wring their hands and express regret and disappointment.
“Instead of applauding the men and women of our military standing in harm’s way, instead of recognizing the tireless vigilance of our intelligence community, instead of acknowledging those who have spent years confronting the Iranian threat network directly, my colleagues in this Congress seek to undermine them. I take this personally since I was one of those servicemembers for so many years. This threat is not new to us, though it may be new to those politicians who have lived comfortably and safely back home, now casting stones from ivory towers, relying on disingenuous judgements and false premises to make a false, politically-driven case to the American people.  
“So, I offer this resolution today in order to right that wrong. I offer this to demonstrate to the American people, and our servicemembers and members of the intelligence community, that this Congress does indeed stand by the decision to rid the world of America’s enemies and those who seek to do us harm and stand by those who made justice possible. This resolution simply the states the obvious – that General Soleimani was head of one of the most sophisticated terrorist organizations in the world that already committed numerous attacks against the United States and planned to carry out many more attacks within days. This resolution rightfully congratulates our men and women who disrupted this evil chain of attacks instead of wrongly suggesting to them that their actions were unauthorized and even immoral.
“Madam Speaker, I ask my colleagues to support this resolution and put to rest once and for all the false implication that America cannot defend herself when necessary."