Lewandowski Exposes The Silliness Of These Congressional Hearings

Even CNN NeverTrumper Amanda Carpenter admitted after the hearing “Corey Lewandowksi owned the Judiciary Committee today. Jerry Nadler played a stupid game and they won a stupid prize because Corey Lewandowski just made a sham of that.”

As Sheila Jackson-Lee sought her viral moment, she did a whole lot of yelling.Lewandowski told her “could you repeat the question? I didn't hear it. Just a rant."

New York Democrat Hakeem Jeffries looked for his TV moment, asking Lewandowski, “are you the hitman, the bagman, the lookout, or all of the above?” Lewandowski responded, “I think I’m the good looking man actually.”

California Democrat Eric Swalwell was, as he always is, very desperate to be the ‘break out political star’ of the hearing, so Lewandowski mocked him & his failed presidential campaign by calling him “President Swalwell”.

And on to gun, Swalwell asked him, “ so every note that you take of the President you put in a safe? How big is that safe?” Lewandowski answered, “it is a big safe, Congressman there’s a lot of guns in there.”