NBC Reporter Wants A Recession In Order to Defeat Trump In 2020


Liberals are openly cheering for people to lose their jobs, businesses to close and tough economic times in order for their team to win in 2020 and NBC reporter Richard Engel has joined that crowd.

On Friday’s 'Real Time with Bill Maher', the panel discussed 2020. Maher said that he hoped an economic recession would happen in the US, so Trump would not be reelected.

None of the other members of Maher's panel wanted to see the U.S. stumble except for Engel.

Tom Nichols said “I'm not wishing for a recession.”Washington Post columnist Catherine Rampell agreed, saying “neither am I.”

Anthony Scaramucci asked Maher “you don’t really want a recession.”Maher said “I do. We have survived many recessions. We can’t survive another Donald Trump term.

NBC News correspondent Richard Engel was the lone voice to side with Maher in routing for a recession. Engel added that “short-term pain might be better than long-term destruction of the Constitution.”Maher responded to Engel’s comments "right!Thank you very much."

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Michael Berry

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