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John legend Wants to Boycott Louisiana For Not Murdering Babies

R&B singer and notable leftist John Legend says he won't sing a single note unless Louisiana murders babies. 

Legend wants Hollywood to boycott Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama and any other state who value human life enough to restrict access to abortions.

Legend admits he doesn't know if a boycott was change anything, but he really wants to virtue signal to all his pro-abortion fans around the rest of the country.

John Legend seems to think people who live in pro-life states are unable to travel to other places if they don't like the laws - he's completely out of his mind.

The Advocate reports:

"Particularly when these studios are hiring people and bringing people to the state and saying, 'Come work with us here in this state,' but if you get pregnant there you're going to be treated like a second-class citizen," he said. "That's a tough conversation to have with your staff. And so I think hopefully the pressure that the studios are putting on will help Georgia and other states see the error of their ways."
He added: "I don't know that it will definitely work, but I know that money talks."
Louisiana, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi and Ohio have enacted bills barring abortion once there's a detectable fetal heartbeat, as early as the sixth week of pregnancy. Missouri's governor signed a bill last month approving an eight-week ban on abortion, with exceptions only for medical emergencies. Alabama has gone even further, outlawing virtually all abortions, even in cases of rape or incest. None of the bans have taken effect, and all are expected to face legal challenges.

Legend isn't alone - Netflix and Disney also refuse to work in states that won't murder babies. 

Photo of pro-abortion advocate John Legend holding a small child by Getty Images

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