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POLL QUESTION: Your biggest concern

The end of Title 42, and the subsequent surge of illegal immigration that has arrived with it, are the talk of the 2024 campaign trail. Former President, and Republican candidate Donald Trump, called the expiration of the rule a "day of infamy" for President Joe Biden.

Trump ran on the 'Build the Wall' motto in 2016, which in turn built his campaign. He did construct some of the wall during his time in office...but not all of it.

So, will that be held against him in 2024? Melissa Mackenzie from The American Spectator says nope, not really.

"I think his base voters are pretty forgiving, mostly because they know the resistance he received while trying to get it done...and we do not have a current administration interested in making one," she says.

You can blame the surge of immigration somewhat on corporations wanting cheap labor. That desire might lead to a less aggressive Trump this time.

"The interesting thing to me is...will Trump talk about this as much? Has he been taken over by corporate interests?" Mackenzie says. "That is why we are getting all of this illegal immigration...the job market is tight, the democrats want voters, and servile workers. Has he been bought out by these...and will be be a little quieter about it?"

But if Trump has not been sucked into the corporate payoffs...

"If he holds to the formula that got him elected in 2016, I think he will be talking about it a lot," she says.

Trump faced loads of backlash in 2016 for the idea of constructing a border wall, but now, people see the surge with their own eyes. In particular, the folks on Capitol Hill feel threatened, as a busload of immigrants was recently dumped Kamala Harris' yard.

Mackenzie says that is a big difference this time.

"When you have the immigrants on Kamala's front lawn, or them sleeping in a Chicago Police station...I think it makes it a lot harder for them to poo-poo it," she says.

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