Bolivar fisherman catches 110-inch shark

Fisherman Cody Davis reeled in a lemon shark measuring more than nine feet, July 23 on the Bolivar Peninsula.

Davis, owner of Green Tide Surf Fishing, says he's been fishing the area more than 25 years, and he's hooked upwards of 100 sharks this year, most around four and five feet long.

But this year, Davis he's seen larger sharks than ever before. This one was 9 feet, 2 inches, and he guesses it might have weighed about 250 pounds. He says he's never landed one this big.

Davis' technique involves a waterproof drone which dangles bait about 350 yards off shore. When a shark strikes, his fishing pole jerks, and the fight is on.

Davis needed the help of two other men to get the shark to shore. It was released after a photo shoot and measuring session.

PHOTO: Getty Images

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