The Democrats have continued their quest of impeaching the President they can’t beat at the ballot box, and it’s,for now anyway, based on the claims of a so-called “whistleblower.” No matter that he didn’t have first-hand knowledge of the call between Trump and the Ukraine President. No matter that the Ukraine President has denied the Dems claims that he was “pressured” to “dig up dirt” on Biden.No matter that the transcript of the call itself disproves the Democrat claims.

And even though the whistle blower rules were changed, and back-dated,to now include “hearsay,” the question has begged, just who did hear the conversation first hand and reveal it, committing a felony? Isn’t it convenient that person is now being called “whistle blower #2,” who under the whistle blower laws can be protected; to a point. Sooner or later, that identity will surface; will there be a reckoning over breaching national security?



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